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Corrections to the 2nd edition of 'Fever Beach'
(file size: 55 kb) NB - Not applicable to the 2017 reprint (glossy cover) which incorporates all these corrections
Article: 'The Case for Saving Point Nepean' by Mary Kruithof, 15 August 2003.
(file size: 97 kb)
Article: 'Recollections of the ship Ticonderoga' by Christopher McRae, ca. 1917
(file size: 71 kb)
Article: 'Pat Fanning's Lighthouses' by Mary Kruithof, 2007, 2009.
(file size: 58 kb)
Article: 'Is there a Picture of the Ticonderoga?' by Mary Kruithof, July 2010.
(file size: 77 kb)
Others' comments on 'Fever Beach'
(file size: 56 kb)
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