Mary Kruithof

Mary Kruithof was born in Sea Lake and grew up in the Victorian countryside until she moved to the Melbourne suburbs in her teenage years, settling in Croydon with her parents.

After her marriage she moved to Mount Waverley to start a family of her own. Although she had long had an interest in family history, it wasn't until her children had grown up and become independent that she had the time to allow herself to become properly bitten by the genealogy bug.

Whenever she came across an interesting 'character', she took delight in finding out as much as she could about them, their times and their environments, and resolved to record their stories for posterity. While following a trail on her father's side, she discovered that one family of ancestors had arrived on the infamous 'Ticonderoga'. Fleshing out what had so far been scant fragments of information soon became a major research project, and when she decided that more could be added to what had already been written, 'Fever Beach', her first book, was born. Meanwhile, she is working on her next book - it is the fascinating story of the life and times of her great-grandfather who, along with his parents and sisters, survived the nightmare voyage.

Mary continues to be happily married to her husband of more than fifty-eight years and has four adult children and nine grandchildren.

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